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Passive Tracking Device

USU Senior Project -- Computer Engineering

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The PTD is a passive tracking device that allows users to track vehicles such as ATVs and send the location to a pre-defined cellular device (smartphone, iPad, anything with a SIM card or a cell number). This device was designed to offer users an alternative to the active tracking solutions. Passive tracking solutions offer three major advantages over conventional active devices on the market.

  1. Passive tracking devices require less power to operate
  2. Passive tracking devices offer distinctly cheaper monthly service contracts
  3. The active tracked features are not necessary for all applications

The PTD has been designed and manufactured to offer these benefits to our clients. With these objectives in mind we tailored our stress tests to ensure that your PTD functions and gives you the peace of mind that your vehicles are able to be tracked. Whether you are using the PTD for personal use or as an enterprise solution we encourage you to take advantage of the tracking benefits provided by the PTD.


All of the documents used during the PTD project can be found in the GitHub repo linked to this page.